Cleaning the Kangen Water Machine

Cleaning the Kangen Water Machine

Saturday, June 19th, 2010 at 10:35 am

Enagic updates their 100% Organic Acid Cleaner!

Recently Enagic presented their new “e-cleaner” ( known as the 100% Organic Acid Cleaner).  This provides the way to keep your Kangen Water Machine in top condition.

This is a big improvement in many ways, and primarily saves Kangen Water™ users big money over the course of time.

The new e-cleaner contains 24 individual packs of the 100% organic acid cleaner, which insures that the platinum/ titanium plates remain clean and free of calcium and other hard water deposits as a result of the hard water that is so prevalent in tap water.

100% Organic Citrus Acid E-Cleaner for Electrolysis Plates!

•The Enagic Water Ionizers are designed to use a 100% Organic Citrus Acid E-Cleaner that is ideal for cleaning and removing the built up calcium off of the platinum/titanium plates. No other ionizers have this key function. Do not overlook this feature.  This is a HUGE benefit of ALL of the water ionizers that extends the life many years to come.

•According to the manufacturer, one e-cleaner pack (see picture above) should be used once every one to two weeks for optimal performance of your Kangen Water™ Ionizer. The process is simple enough! Just replace your filter with the e-cleaner filter, add a fresh pack, fill with water and let it set for 4 to 6 hours. Run your machine, and you will notice the white flakes exiting! This is a great way to keep your machine at its optimal level. As to the frequency of use, it is recommended to use your best judgement. In very hard water areas, use this cleaner once a week and in soft water areas, use once a month.

•The cost of this e-cleaner is $34 and should last at least one year if the recommendations are followed; However, this process needs to be followed at least twice yearly in order to satisfy the five year warranty. This is a big improvement from the previous acid cleaner cartridge as far as cost savings, an improved environmentally friendly cartridge, and engineering.

Please remember that hard water on the electrolysis plates will destroy any effort from any water ionizer in producing alkaline water or even more importantly, alkaline water with a high -ORP.

Again, this is a huge advantage over other non-Enagic water ionizers. Every water ionizer will start accumulating hard water deposits from their water source.

Unless you live in an area of very little hard water deposits, choosing the right water ionizer with this feature should not be overlooked.

•The Enagic ionizers have an expected Life Expectancy of 15 to 20 years. This is based on Engineering and Results!

•The SD-501 is self-cleaning and will clean after every 15 minutes of use but will not start self cleaning if you are using the machine.

•Enagic’s SOLID, DIPPED platinum / titanium plates have a surface area that is 445% larger than that of other leading models from other manufacturers.

Cleaning Instructions for the Enagic SD 501—Kangen Water Machine

Watch a short video on how to use the E-Cleaner! Clean Your Unit Video

SD-501 with the E-Cleaner: Abbreviated directions

Note:  The E-Cleaner powder is just food grade citric acid.  It is harmless but avoid getting it in the eyes.

1)  Power off the unit.

2)  Unplug the unit..

3)  Unscrew the cap to the plastic cleaning cartridge.

4)  Open one packet of cleaning granules and carefully pour it into the cartridge.

5)  Replace cap until it is firmly closed.

6)  Remove the cover to the filter.

7)  Unlock the locking ring and remove the water filter, locking ring and BOTH the little black O-rings.

8)  Seperate the locking ring from the filter. Set the filter aside, upside down (to avoid leakage)

9)  Insert the cleaning cartridge where the filter was located.

10)  Place the locking ring over the cleaning cartridge and securely lock in place.

11)  Gently turn on the tap and allow water to fill the cleaning cartridge and dissolve the citric acid powder.

12)  Allow the water to flow from the flexible white hose–for about 15 seconds.

13)  Shut off the water.

14)  Place the end of the flexible white hose and the gray hose in a bowl to capture run-off.  The bowl should be at the same level as the unit to avoid a siphoning effect.

The citric acid is now surrounding the electroplates & dissolving mineral scale.

15)  Allow the uniit to sit like this for at least 3-5 hours (or just leave overnight)

Do not operate your unit while in the cleaning mode!

16)  Keep unit OFF and unplugged during this last process!

17)  After the time limit as passed, remove the flex pipe and gray hose from the bowl.

18)  Turn water ON for 2-3 minutes to flush out all the citric acid cleaning solution.

19)  Turn water OFF, unlock the locking riing and remove the cleaning cartridge.

20)  Unscrew the cap to the cleaning cartridge, shake out excess water and allow to air dry on towel.

21)  Return the water FILTER and locking ring to their original positions in your unit and secure into place.

22)  Press Power ON button, then turn the water back ON and let it run for 2-3 minutes to re-initialize the filter. (If this is the first time putting in a NEW filter then push the re-set button.)

23)  Check for leaks and proper placement of the filter and locking ring.

24)  Replace the filter cover.  Mark your calendar so you can remember to do it again in 2 weeks.

25)  Now enjoy your Kangen Water!

Ed and LaVerne Kelley
Kangen Water® Representatives
218-864-5909 (H)
520-921-0548 (C)

Kangen Water® is a registered trademark of Enagic Co., Ltd


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